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10 Jul 2015

Making the decision between waxing or laser hair removal can be difficult for some people.  Both options have their draw backs and pros.  In both cases people have reported pain or uncomfortable sensations and in both cases cost becomes an issue.  Let’s take a look at which option is best.

Waxing hair has been around for a long time.  People have been visiting people to perform waxing for years around.  Waxing is great for many areas such as the bikini, legs, and underarm area and will provide the best results for those with dark hair.  Waxing will remove your hair for on average three weeks.  It can last as long as six weeks and as little two weeks.  Before you can wax again your need to have your hair regrow.  Drinking alcohol before going through waxing may seem like a good idea but it can actually cause it to be more painful because it restricts the pores and makes it harder to pull the hair out.  When you go through waxing you experience the pain of having your hair removed.

Laser hair removal in Ottawa is a great option because it is permanent in most cases.  Despite being marketed as permanent it will take an average of six treatments to ensure that your hair will not come back.  Sometimes if the area has a large amount of hair you will have to go back and get touchup treatments. If your hair is darker than your skin laser hair removal will work best on you than those with matching hair colors or lighter hair colors.  Just like waxing, laser hair removal can be a pain.  Those who experience pain from laser hair removal call it a snapping sensation.  It is also often that you can feel the heat from the laser whether it is just a sensation or a pain.

Waxing in Ottawa will cost you from around $35 to $85 dollars per visit and you will have to keep returning.  At $95 to $250 per treatment laser hair removal may be more expensive but you will only have up to six visits for the majority of your areas being treated.  If you are looking to keep your hair off and not have to continue to return to a professional for hair removal laser hair removal will be the option for you.


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